Onion Essential Oil

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Onion Essential Oil
As with quite a lot of the vegetable essential oils, it’s actually the damaged Onions that get processed – so if the onion is misshaped, squashed, aesthetically damaged then it gets processed as juice or by steam distillation to give us the essential oil. Also with Carrot essential oil I’m not sure if people are aware but it’s actually a similar story, it is the 'gone off seeds' that have been compromised and have no culinary use that are processed.
Botanical Name: Allium cepa

Origin: Italy

With Onion essential oil it’s important to say when working with this put on some rubber gloves as this is very potent and I don’t think to many people want their hands reeking of heavily concentrated Onion.

I understand it has good antiseptic properties and is useful for helping people combat general colds, but in truth so are dozens of other oils and they don’t omit a sulphuraceous aroma.

Again if people reading this have worked with Onion for any particular reason I really would love to hear from you, enlighten me please!