Cabreuva Wood Essential Oil

Cabreuva Wood Essential Oil
This is a stunning smelling oil, utterly gorgeous, pale yellow in colour, has a thin viscosity, it is warm and sweet, slightly floral and oh so beautiful, it makes my heart sing. This has very similar chemistry to Pemou oil plus Cabreuva is also really cheap making it a superb low cost fixative for any natural perfumer. This really is so underrated, which is most surprising considering how complex and stimulating the aroma is.
Botanical Name: Myrocarpus fastigiatus

Origin: Paraguay

This tree hails from South America and the big producers are in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia although Bolivia is probably more famed for the ‘frondosus’ species known by the locals by the very cool name – Incienso Rojo. That particular species finds major use as a luxury flooring wood, think laminates, outside decking, upmarket pieces of furniture, that type of thing.

This particular oil is obtained by steam distillation of the chippings and waste wood from the timber yards.

Therapeutic action by the baby books states good antiseptic value, I love it! Always evidence that someone struggles to find a therapeutic use! Let’s be honest as an antiseptic it pales miserably and offers us absolutely nothing as far better oils exist for this purpose, Tea Tree, Lavender, Rosalina and Lemon being particularly exceptional and far superior options.

I think this oil would be useful in massage for treating men as it is clearly a masculine aroma which I can imagine most men responding very well to. It complements oils such as Pemou and Cedarwood oils, it has a warming quality which in itself has massive value to anyone who feels slightly delicate. I also think it would work well with popular oils used in sports massage such as Marjoram and Black Pepper.

As it contains 35% Neridol it should be used in massage because Neridol is scientifically proven to penetrate skin easily and is actually being trialled as a skin penetration enhancer for the transdermal delivery of therapeutic drugs.