Isopropyl methyl 2 butyrate at 50% in DPG

Isopropyl methyl 2 butyrate at 50% in DPG
This is one of three related chemicals that are found in the odours of a variety of fruits. This one is used mainly to enhance the juiciness of other fruit scents and offers slightly better longevity than it’s cousin ethyl methyl 2 butyrate and lacks the strong pineapple note of ethyl butyrate.
CAS Number: 66576-71-4

Full chemical name: propan-2-yl 2-methylbutanoate

Manufactured by Givaudan, it is described by them as: “Fruity, Pear, Pineapple, Green, Fresh, Diffusive: Isopropyl Methyl-2-Butyrate is used for green-fruity accords like pear and apple. It provides significant freshness to perfumes in combination with floral elements.”

Try adding a small amount of this material to a fragrance containing Nectarate, Fructalate or one of the fruity so-called Aldehydes C14 and C16. The result will be much juicier and more enticing. Used in combination with ethyl methyl 2 butyrate gives an even more pronounced effect. Alternatively you can add some to a heavy floral to give it lift and freshness without the sharpness of citrus or the clinical feel of mint.